Doc Tempest VS The Evil Angel

…from the May, 1955 issue

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

GM’s Eyes Only

Professor Bader, Reverend Karloff and Maxie are, of course, working together. Professor Bader is the brains behind the group. Reverend Karloff is the creepy cloaked (and masked) figure. He is younger than he looks and in great physical shape. Maxie mostly does muscle work and the odd murder attempt against Our Heroes. The Creeper’s mysterious fog, like his ability to generate mind numbing terror, is a product of Professor Bader and his team of German scientists.

As to exactly what they are up to, there could be several motives.

1: They are trying to frigten powerful men of industry and/or scientists, into insanity, thereby weaking America in case of a future war. (this adventure takes place a couple of years before WWII starts)

2: They are trying to frighten industrial/scientific secrets out of those same people.

3: They want to drive one certain man to suicide, thus allowing the handsome and smooth Professor Bader a chance to woo the widow and take over the company.

4: This is all just a test of the fear and fog compounds. If they are successful, Germany will produce an army of Creepers.

5: They are out to steal plans/a prototype/a sample of some amazing new stuff.

Gota get ready for work. Grand finale to this adventure next post.


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