Snow White And The 7 Dorks

…she ran away after the second day

Ok, folks, the poll results are in. We are going to create an adventure for a globe trotting hero pulp game. There will be four players, so I reckon we ought to figure out a few of the NPCs who will be involved with them.

EDIT: After three tries, LiveJournal seems intent on not reading this as a proper poll. Please put your choices in a comment.

NPC Poll

NPC Team Members…please choose THREE
Rusty Muldoon, mechanic
Joey Benaducci, former cat burglar
Dr. Lois VanDane, medical doctor
Sam Maxwell, chemist
Judy Jones, actress and con woman
Professor Morris Moskowitz, walking encyclopedia
Pops Jefferson, former Marine and gunsmith
Grimsby, gentleman’s gentleman
Nikki, wily street kid
Angelique Le Maire, ace driver/pilot

Neutral NPCs that the team will encounter…choose FOUR
Professor Ram Singh, scientist
Albert Long, farmer
Dawn Wlikerson, reporter
Walter Bond, police detective
Maggie Hicks, cleaning woman
Freight Train Fulton, hobo
Wong Chow, restaurant cook
Mary Olson, student
Ranger Ted Newton, park ranger
Bill King, cop
Montague Corwin-Smythe, amateur botanist
Alice Tucker, nurse
George Upson, accountant

Bad Guy NPCs…choose THREE
Benny, a thug
Joe, a hired gun
Dr. Fox, a scientist
Professor Bader, college professor and Nazi spy
Miss Henderson, secretary and assassin
Wo Fang, Chinese gangster
Dr. Lily Connor, scientist
Maxie, a tough thug
Al Duke, sleazy lawyer
Frank Falcone, mobster
Reverend Karloff, travelling evangelist
Madame Ouspensky, fortune teller
Jimmy McGee, student
J. Higgins wentworth, banker
Dr. Potter, MD

You have 24 hours to vote. Tell your friends.


It’s All Fun And Games Until The Chickens Get Pissed Off

…mean chickens are no laughing matter

So, some nutcase fundie feebs (including former 3rd rate television actor turned full time wackjob, Kirk Cameron) are going to hand out “Very Special” versions of darwin’s “Origin of Species” on November 22nd at the “Top 50” universities in the U.S. I’m thinking it’s time for “The Holy Bible: Very Special Edition”. Perhaps with an introduction lifted from some of the late George Carlin’s material.

I swear, it’s a damned good thing I’m not 20 years old again. Asses would be getting kicked.

Big Fun With The Five Blue Budgies

…at a cat show

So, how cool was it that on last night’s season opener of “Fringe” that they gave a nod to “X Files”? If you missed it, watch it again and listen carefully to the senators during the questioning of Broyles.

It was a pretty good season premiere, with only a couple of predictable moments and one glaring logic flaw. I’m looking forward to seeing how things go this year.