Doc Tempest And The Sword Of Satan

…from the April, 2011 issue

The Second Website Poll Results

Ok, gang, time to look at your answers on the second poll concerning my upcoming website. Once again, thank you to all of you who responded.

There are several ways to present world settings. Which do you prefer?

Quite a bit of detail in all aspects of the setting 3 (30.0%)

Lots of detail for some parts, but less so for others 4 (40.0%)

Loose detailing, so the GM has room to add things 3 (30.0%)

While some of you want TSR style massive detailing, more of you want varying degrees of detail, allowing for some GM room to mess around with things. Fortunately, that is how I was planning to writev these settings.

What gaming genres would you most like to see settings for?

Steampunk (50.0%)

Space Opera (40.0%)

Swashbuckling Adventure with Fantasy Elements (40.0%)

Pulp! (useable for Hero, Horror, Espionage and other pulp styles) (40.0%)

Gothic Horror (30.0%)

Gritty Post Apocalypse (30.0%)

Fantasy (30.0%)

Hard Science Fiction (20.0%)

Post Apocalypse Fantasy (20.0%)

Alternate History (10.0%)

Espionage (10.0%)

Superheroes (10.0%)

Humor (NOT Toon based) (0.0%)

Swashbuckling Adventure (0.0%)

1950’s Monster Movies (0.0%)

Steampunk is the winner here. I’m rather surprised that both straight up swashbuckling adventure or 1950’s monster movies failed to get a single vote. Anyway, it looks like the first settings I do will be steampunk, space opera, swashbuckling with a touch of fantasy and pulp.

Regarding humor pieces: Choose your favorite level of humor

A bit risque (some cursing, some racy bits) (70.0%)

Adult (cursing, adult topics) (20.0%)

Family friendly (no cursing, no sex or violence. good clean fun) (10.0%)

This one actually did not surprise me. PG-13/R rated it is!

Ok, for stuff like Characters, Creatures, Adventure Seeds, Stuff, etc…

Mix it up each time you post something, Doc. (50.0%)

Theme Weeks! (30.0%)

Theme Months! (20.0%)

Different themes for each type, each month. (0.0%)

Different themes for each type, each week. (0.0%)

Looks like I’ll be mixing it up each time I post. I might still do a theme week now and then, but not for everything.

About the selling of finished, expanded PDFs: Assuming you like the subject matter, would you buy it?

Yep (57.1%)

Only if regular donaters get a price break. (28.6%)

Nope (14.3%)

No surprises here, either, but I would most likely give regular and/or generous contributors a price break. Or maybe free “special features” stuff. Or a possible annotated “director’s cut”.

Audience participation via polling: Which two of the below would you most like to vote on?

The serial fiction (50.0%)

Everything, Doc! (30.0%)

Subjects of Theme Weeks/Months (30.0%)

Characters (20.0%)

Places (basically, villages, towns, small areas) (10.0%)

Larger Settings, but still smaller than the World settings (countries, kingdoms, geographical regions) (10.0%)

Creatures (0.0%)

And it’s serial fiction for the win! Theme week/month subjects might also get some polling love, as would the odd week of letting y’all decide on everything in a future weeks postings.

Next time I poll, I’ll be narrowing the focus even finer. Right now, however, it’s time for Miss Lucy and I to go walking.

Hollow Eyed Vampire Babies


Ganked from em_gumby

• Leave me a comment saying “Resistance is Futile.”
• I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1. Why “Doc” (been wondering for years, but never asked – I figured it was one of those things that “everybody knows”)?

Actually, very few people know the truth of how I got the nickname. Maybe 7 or 8. Most other people only think they know. One of my favorite answers is that I was a hospital corpsman in Viet Nam. This works on young folks who don’t know I’m not quite old enough to have gone to ‘Nam. Another answer is that I’m a Freelance Gynecologist:)

2. As a GM, what is the single, evilist, most horrible thing you have ever done to a player, that you feel good about having done?

The player was a loudmouthed, argumentative dickhead who just happened to have a 12th level fighter/thief that he really loved. After about 3-4 sessions with this asshole, I began setting him up for a long hard fall. When the fateful session came, he was slowly and systematicly stripped of his magic items, potions, loot, armor, weapons and, eventually, 10 of his 12 levels. Oh, yeah, and one of his eyes. Also, he was cursed. The dickhead player was close to tears. He never played with us again. And there was much rejoicing.

3. Favorite dish containing meat?

Hmmm…that’s a toughy…probably tacos.

4. What is the single most wretched experience you have EVER had within a roleplaying game?

Playing a session of Champions with a group of rules lawyers.

5. Name one art form that you don’t currently practice, but always wished you could.

Assuming music is not included, only visual arts, I’d take almost any, since I cannot even draw a stick figure. To be specific tho, I’d like to be able to draw.

IF music is included, then I’d like to be able to play piano.

The Ice Cream Dwarves Hate The Pancake Goblins

…it has something to do with enchanted syrup.

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

During a pitched battle with the attacking Aztec Mummies, Our Heroes discover that immersion in water will paralyze these horrid undead long enough to rip out their withered hearts. The forces of good triumph.

Later, the group splits up, half going with El Santo and half going off to follow some keads with La Bruja Blanca. Not long after the split, El Santo is attacked by eagle sized vampire bats. Fortunately, luck is on the side of Good and the group escapes by using an old tunnel.

Meanwhile, the other group finds out that even as he is growing more powerful, the Super Creeper is starting to deteriorate. His skin is rotting and he is beginning to look zombielike. This may give them a clue on how to destroy him.

Also, in twin strokes of luck, both groups find out that Nazis have arrived in Mexico City. These Nazis mean to kill the Super Creeper AND the Our Heroes.

Another poll later today/tonight.

If Adventure Has A Name, It Must Be…ADVENTURE!

…sheesh, do I have to explain everything?

Grace and I figured something out after watching “Heroes” Monday night: Claire, who heals really fast and is a virgin, WILL ALWAYS BE A VIRGIN. Well, physically, anyway. After every romp in the hay, her hymen will grow back. Grace’s reaction to that whole idea: “To hell with that. No fucking way!”

Also, we have learned in recent episodes that Claire cannot get drunk, no matter how much she drinks. So, no getting drunk and losing her cherry for Claire. It’s probably for the best that she missed her senior prom.

The Diagon Alley Cat Blues

…who knew that Arthur Weasley could play such a wicked sax?

The Second Website Poll

Yes, I have another website poll for you to take, Gentle Readers. this one gets into a bit more of the specifics of things. Thank you in advance for your participation.

But first, some information. Longer pieces of writing, such as world/setting descriptions, will be presented in smaller pieces, such as General Description, Geography, History, People, etc, etc. Audience participation is these longer pieces will be limited to selecting the genre or sub genre. The exception to this will be 1 or 2 serial form stories (such as On The Road With Violet, when you will get to vote on each chapter.

Once a longer form piece is done, I expect it will be put up for sale as a PDF. Such PDF products will include more content (probably much more) than was available on the website.

Shorter form pieces (Characters, Creatures, Stuff, Adventure Seeds, etc.) will be split between the free side and the pay/donation side. Most likely, this will be evenly done. One free, one pay.

Con reports, rants, etc, will always be free, as will short humor pieces.

If I’ve left anything out in the above or on the poll, please let me know.

More bloggage later.

R.I.P. Aunt Shirley

This morning, at about 2:30, Grace’s cell phone rang. By the time she woke up, the call was dropped, but I knew what it was about. My Aunt Shirley had died. At 8:10 this morning, my mom called again to confirm it. An infection that had popped up earlier in the month and had necessitated the amputation of one leg about 10 days ago finally killed her.

Aunt Shirley was mom’s younger sister and my favorite aunt. She was big and boisterous and opinionated and always a lot of fun. She and her family were at our house all the time when I was growing up. I’ll miss her.

Pogobat Sunrise

… no, I don’t know what a pogobat is

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

In this thrilling episode of our adventure, the meeting between Our Heroes, El Santo and La Bruja Blanca is suddenly disrupted by an attacking group of six Aztec Mummies. During the fight, the Good Guys will hear the maniacal laughing of the Super Creeper, but will not be able to see him.

And now, more pollage…