The Diagon Alley Cat Blues

…who knew that Arthur Weasley could play such a wicked sax?

The Second Website Poll

Yes, I have another website poll for you to take, Gentle Readers. this one gets into a bit more of the specifics of things. Thank you in advance for your participation.

But first, some information. Longer pieces of writing, such as world/setting descriptions, will be presented in smaller pieces, such as General Description, Geography, History, People, etc, etc. Audience participation is these longer pieces will be limited to selecting the genre or sub genre. The exception to this will be 1 or 2 serial form stories (such as On The Road With Violet, when you will get to vote on each chapter.

Once a longer form piece is done, I expect it will be put up for sale as a PDF. Such PDF products will include more content (probably much more) than was available on the website.

Shorter form pieces (Characters, Creatures, Stuff, Adventure Seeds, etc.) will be split between the free side and the pay/donation side. Most likely, this will be evenly done. One free, one pay.

Con reports, rants, etc, will always be free, as will short humor pieces.

If I’ve left anything out in the above or on the poll, please let me know.

More bloggage later.