Doc Tempest And The Sword Of Satan

…from the April, 2011 issue

The Second Website Poll Results

Ok, gang, time to look at your answers on the second poll concerning my upcoming website. Once again, thank you to all of you who responded.

There are several ways to present world settings. Which do you prefer?

Quite a bit of detail in all aspects of the setting 3 (30.0%)

Lots of detail for some parts, but less so for others 4 (40.0%)

Loose detailing, so the GM has room to add things 3 (30.0%)

While some of you want TSR style massive detailing, more of you want varying degrees of detail, allowing for some GM room to mess around with things. Fortunately, that is how I was planning to writev these settings.

What gaming genres would you most like to see settings for?

Steampunk (50.0%)

Space Opera (40.0%)

Swashbuckling Adventure with Fantasy Elements (40.0%)

Pulp! (useable for Hero, Horror, Espionage and other pulp styles) (40.0%)

Gothic Horror (30.0%)

Gritty Post Apocalypse (30.0%)

Fantasy (30.0%)

Hard Science Fiction (20.0%)

Post Apocalypse Fantasy (20.0%)

Alternate History (10.0%)

Espionage (10.0%)

Superheroes (10.0%)

Humor (NOT Toon based) (0.0%)

Swashbuckling Adventure (0.0%)

1950’s Monster Movies (0.0%)

Steampunk is the winner here. I’m rather surprised that both straight up swashbuckling adventure or 1950’s monster movies failed to get a single vote. Anyway, it looks like the first settings I do will be steampunk, space opera, swashbuckling with a touch of fantasy and pulp.

Regarding humor pieces: Choose your favorite level of humor

A bit risque (some cursing, some racy bits) (70.0%)

Adult (cursing, adult topics) (20.0%)

Family friendly (no cursing, no sex or violence. good clean fun) (10.0%)

This one actually did not surprise me. PG-13/R rated it is!

Ok, for stuff like Characters, Creatures, Adventure Seeds, Stuff, etc…

Mix it up each time you post something, Doc. (50.0%)

Theme Weeks! (30.0%)

Theme Months! (20.0%)

Different themes for each type, each month. (0.0%)

Different themes for each type, each week. (0.0%)

Looks like I’ll be mixing it up each time I post. I might still do a theme week now and then, but not for everything.

About the selling of finished, expanded PDFs: Assuming you like the subject matter, would you buy it?

Yep (57.1%)

Only if regular donaters get a price break. (28.6%)

Nope (14.3%)

No surprises here, either, but I would most likely give regular and/or generous contributors a price break. Or maybe free “special features” stuff. Or a possible annotated “director’s cut”.

Audience participation via polling: Which two of the below would you most like to vote on?

The serial fiction (50.0%)

Everything, Doc! (30.0%)

Subjects of Theme Weeks/Months (30.0%)

Characters (20.0%)

Places (basically, villages, towns, small areas) (10.0%)

Larger Settings, but still smaller than the World settings (countries, kingdoms, geographical regions) (10.0%)

Creatures (0.0%)

And it’s serial fiction for the win! Theme week/month subjects might also get some polling love, as would the odd week of letting y’all decide on everything in a future weeks postings.

Next time I poll, I’ll be narrowing the focus even finer. Right now, however, it’s time for Miss Lucy and I to go walking.


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