Fire Monsters In The Sky

…BIG fire monsters

This morning, I spent about an hour carefully crafting a reply to the most excellent comment made by doc_mystery to part of my last post. Then I spent 20 more minutes creating a poll for y’all to take.

Then I bumped the wrong key and it all disappeared forever.

I will try redoing the poll tomorrow. The post itself is lost for good.

A Song…A Dance…A Fireball In Your Pants

…beware of wacky wizards

My Plans For Today

1: Write/edit stuff for the Coming Real Soon Now website. By “write” I mostly mean write and watch tv and give demanding dogs and wives some attention.

2: Rearrange things in the library. Since this means moving heavy boxes of books & stuff, I can be sure of no interruptions from the above mentioned dogs or wife.

3: Straighten up game room. Possibly with supervision by a certain visually impaired basset hound.

4: Go to the store to buy food, then come home to cook it. Alone at last!

5 Eat dinner and finish watching Season One, Disc One of “Sanctuary”.

That is all.

Chapter 221: In Which Our Hero, Having Escaped From Prison, Takes Refuge In A Cave Full Of Voles

…ewww, cave voles!

A Request

Some years ago, I (along with a great many other folks) was filmed for a documentary on roleplaying. It was released, but I’ve never seen it. I DID see a short clip of it on the website of the folks who made it…and it can be purchased…but I cannot afford it.

So, do any of you have a copy of RPG by Binary Star Productions that I can borrow? I’ll pay postage if you like…or buy ya a beer at a con or something. Thanks!

Silly Robots

…trix are for carbon based lifeforms

The folowing is a reposting of a comment I made on another blog. The initial posting was about how great it was to eat Thanksgiving leftovers on “Feasting Friday”.

There will be no leftovers at our house. Before we ever wed, my sweetie and I decided that, as is our whimsical nature, we would never have a traditional thanksgiving dinner at our house. In 13 years of marriage, we have eaten turkey dinners twice, both at my sister’s house.

At our house, we have had lasagnas, roasts (both beef and pork), curries, seafood, spaghetti, tacos, frittatas, Docburgers (compared to a Docburger, a regular hamburger is as dust to diamonds), chicken and dumplings, ribs of all sorts & styles and, once, an entire table full of nothing but extra scrummy finger foods.

Most years, it’s just the two of us and a dog or two. My family scatters to the four winds and my wife divorced her family years ago. Most of our friends live too far away to visit, or are busy with their families.

This year, in open defiance of the shitty economy in general and our personal Adventure In Poverty in particular, we are having a full blown steak dinner with all the trimmings. The dogs will be dining on Dogburgers (almost as good as Docburgers, but for dogs)

On Feasting Friday, we’ll be back to mac & cheese and Top Ramen.

Looney Tunas and Merry Maladies

…I really need a vacation

Gaming Stuff

1: I am 75% done with my CC3 map of Hogwarts and the surrounding countryside. It is very much like the official version, but with a few minor adjustments. I think my players will have fun exploring it.

2: I realy need to play in more games at DunDraCon this year. Most years, I play in maybe 1 RPG, but I’m really jonesing to be get out from under the GM hat for awhile. Looking over the submitted games on the DDC website, I see a few that appeal to me, so I’m hopeful that I can get 3 or 4 in while I’m at the con in February.

3: After hearing that Google Wave has online gaming potential, I got an invitation and I’m gonna check it out. On a similar interwebs gaming theme, I’m thinking that my website idea may well mutate into a lot more than just a single website. I can see a linking of LJ/website/Facebook/Dog knows what else. Gotta keep up with the New Hotness, ya know.

And now, chamomile tea. More blogging later.