The Migration Of The Dancing Elks

…it’s a 200,000 elk conga line

Stuff…IN 3D!!!

1: Grace and I both had to work on our anniversary yesterday, but when I got home, I whipped up a dinner of pork chops, mashed potatos, gravy, spinach and tapioca pudding for dinner. It was very filling and delicious.

2: Your Humble Narrator has been working on content for the new website. I’ve polished and expanded characters from my “365 Days, 365 Characters/Locations” pieces on LJ back in 2006. I’ve written outlines for about 4 short stories, including one featuring Sherlock Holmes. I’ve gone through a couple of world settings that need expansion and rewriting. And finally, I’ve been expanding and rewriting “On the Road With Violet”, which is looking pretty good for the serial fiction category.

3: In canine news, every month finds Lucy becoming more adapted to our household. She is much more tolerant and less afraid of Winker now. As for Grace and I, well, we are her favorite Mom & Dad in the whole universe and she is always ready for love and tummy rubs. We still need to get her better socialized with other humans and animals, but on the whole, Lucy is way better than when we first brought her home.

4: Going to apply for a job in a couple of hours. More on that if it pans out.

Now, breakfast and shower. More blog-o-rama later.


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