Mr. Porkwaffle Buys A Goat

…which he then names Beatrice

Hello, my little woodland chums! The most recent poll has been closed and it would seem that the e-zine title Potawango Island Gazette and the idea of a fake gaming industry gossip column are both pretty popular. Thank you for taking the poll.

I started a second courier run at work yesterday. It’s only on Tuesday & Wednesday, but it gives me 9-10 much needed hours, as well as a chance to drive up in the mountains to Grass Valley, so it’s good.

Gotta go. More blogstuff later.


An Ibis On The Nightstand

…and a merganser on the headboard

Look, kids, it’s a new poll!

This is not the final list of ideas for a title, but it’s a start.

It’s All Fun And Games Until You Cause The Beer To Explode

…which is easier than you think

Stuff: The Greatest Hits

1: Major drama is, thankfully, not a common thing in my family. Minor, individual dramas, yes, but drama that involves all three of us sibs and my mom, no. Until this last weekend. I won’t go into details, but just let me say: AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

2: So far this fall/winter, I have fought off any major S.A.D. attacks. How much longer this can continue, I don’t know, but so far, I’m liking it.

3: I’ll put up a poll on E-zine title ideas soon.

Ack! Gotta run to the UVB exposure! More blogging later!

In The Elevator To Hell With The Skull Faced Woman

…taken from a dream I had last night

Stuff On The Half Shell

1: Content for the E-zine’s first 3 issues is accruing at a nice rate. Still no title for the damned thing yet and I’m trying to figure out a cover style for it. Pulp or dime novel? Played straight or go for humor? A bit of art or all text. Also, fake ads or not? Decisions, decisions.

2: As a rare change of pace from the Biblical deluge of ever mounting debt, it seems that I may be getting a few more hours at work. Still only a part time gig, but better than the pitiful hours I get now.

3: Still cold here. My garden is not getting bitchslapped as bad as it did in the great freeze of a few years ago, but it’s not coming thru unscathed, either. Might lose some of the lemon grass, which is ok, since I need to transplant most of it in the spring.

4: I have submitted a seminar proposal to DunDraCon. It’s a bitch/love fest idea called “We Loves It/We Hates It”. We shall see if it gets the nod.

Time to go earn the almighty dollar. More bloggage later.

Mashed Potato Birthday Cake

…with yummies inside

Today is Winker’s 6th Birthday! She will be getting the above mentioned cake for dinner, plus lots of love and bellyrubs.

Thanks to everyone who took the last poll. I’m shooting for the end of January as a launch date for the E-zine.

Grace is off to Oakland to do mystery shops today. I’ll be off to the UVB Barbecue for Middle Aged Gamers later, then to work.

I’m halfway through watching Season One of Sanctuary. It’s a pretty good show, for s Sci Fi Channel series. (note that I do not call it Syfy, mostly because that is an idiotic name)

I’m also within 10 pages of finishing The Two Towers. I’m glad I decided to re-read LOTR.

Ok…time for the Mug O’ Tea. More bloggage later.

Doc Tempest And The White Horror From The Sky

…from the December 2009 issue

Well, we got a light touch of snow last night…some of which is still on the ground…and the local tv channels are all covering the hell outta this terrible blizzard:) Lots of pics and video of yards and cars with as much as a half inch of snow on them. Many remote reporters showing some snow falling that melts as soon as it hits the ground.

See, this is how nuts we Central Valley folks go when we only get snow on the ground every 15-20 years.

Oh, and I do have some pics of what snow is left on my yard and car. Will post them later.

What To Do If Your Cheese Begins To Vibrate

…and other useful tips

Help the puppies & kitties!

I would like to remind all of you in the Sacramento area that the Sacramento ASPCA Winter Book sale starts Friday at 10 AM and runs all weekend. It’s at the Marketplace at Birdcage, next to the CVS pharmacy. TONS of cheap books, y’all! Especially mysteries and cookbooks, the latter of which Grace and I have bought in great numbers over the years at this sale.