The Amazing Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The Terror Of The Trolls

…from the June, 1898 issue

Man, have I been remiss in my LJ posting or what? I think it might have something to do with a combination of S.A.D. and my new night time work schedule. The old “oomph” is just not there. Maybe it will return with the good weather.

Anyway, here are a couple of quick book reviews.

The Dying Earth & The Eyes of the Overworld, both by Jack Vance

It had been on the order of 27 years since I last read any of the Dying Earth stories, so a few weeks ago, I cracked these tho books open. As I remembered from my science fiction/fantasy devouring youth (the mid 60’s to early 70’s), Jack Vance is a hell of a good writer and the Dying Earth is one of the most interesting and engaging settings of all time. True, every character you encounter is, at the very least, morally ambiguous, but that’s what makes them so fascinating. Besides, the sun could wink out any day, so fuck morality.

But besides the characters, the world of these stories is just as interesting. Covered with ruins, forests and wastelands (all of them full of creatures that will kill you, eat you or both), this is a world ripe for adventuring in, altho it is seldom the choice of the characters to do so unless circumstances force them to.

Another thing about these books that any gamer will pick up on is how they influenced both D&D and the way Gary Gygax wrote. I sometimes wonder if Gary typed with one hand while holding a copy of The Dying Earth in the other.

If you haven’t read these books, you really should. If you haven’t read them in a long time, re-read them.

The Moderately Evil Plan Of Professor Breem

…he’s trying to work up to unspeakably evil

Doc Update

1: Everyone here at the homestead is healthy, altho My Sweet Angel is wearing out after a year and a half of working her job AND doing mystery shops.

2: I appear to be getting a major boost in hours at work, which is good and will help take some of the mystery shopping weight off of Grace and I. Unfortunately, the nes route I’ll be driving means that Grace & I will only see each other early in the morning (if I wake up) and on weekends. Still, we desperately need the $$, sob we’ll dealn with it.

3: Once me new hours kick in (next Monday), I’ll be alerting my regular gaming group about a restart to our roleplaying.

4: Both my game proposal and my seminar proposal were accepted for DunDraCon. If you plan on being at the con, stop by.

More bogging later!

The 67 Things You Might Want To Know About Emus

…#21: don’t discuss emu oil anywhere near them

E-zine Stuff

In case I never mentioned it, the E-zine will be known as “The Potawango Island Gazette“. I want it to sort of have the look of a newspaper, but it may come our looking more like a magazine. I will merely be the editor, since all of the articles (and adverts, if I use them) will come from the “real” Potawango Island Gazette. Not sure about artwork or photos.

Our contributors will include…

Dr. Thaddeus Silkmelon, who will be writing about the many rare and beautiful animals and plants found only on Potawango Island. He may or may not respond to reader mail.

Tarmoon, High Shaman of the Iblo people and accidental recipient of Quantum Oneness (meaning that he knows what all of the other Tarmoons in the multiverse know and vice verse). A well known traveler (on both Potawango Island and the rest of the multiverse), Tarmoon will write about places to visit in the multiverse. He will also answer reader questions regarding such places.

Mrs. Faith Wangdoodle, famed world traveller and social butterfly, has in recent years been making good use of the fact that Porkwaffle’s General Store (located at #1 Main St, open from 8 am until 7 pm) is a multiversal nexus. She will be bringing us profiles of and interviews with people from all over this world and others.

Altoon Brownie came to our lovely island via the above mentioned nexus and will be using his column, Good Stuff, to enlighten readers about items magical and technological.

More columnists shall be announced soon.