Never Tell Your Mom That You’ve Been In A Mud Fight

…mothers tend to get a bit over emotional about such things

So, I’m back from DunDraCon. Actually, I got back Sunday afternoon. The con was fun, despite my developing a knack for not getting into any games other than my own. This took the form of games filling up, me misreading times, me falling asleep and the ever popular “no games I want to play during this time slot”.

Still, I had fun. My TOON game went well and my seminar was pretty well attended. I got to chew the fat with my pal Nicole, her husband Chris and several other gaming folks. I watched some anime, tho I was kinda disappointed that most of it did not hit the high nuttiness that the Japanese are known for. I watched several games being played, saw lots of gamers with babies and, after a few tours of the Dealer’s Room, realized that there are no more cheap games. In fact, all I bought was a few dice for Grace (who no longer goes to the con). Oh, and I attended a couple of seminars that were pretty darned swell. One was on serious games that turn funny and the other was on alternate histories.

Anyway, in recent years, DDC has been my only con (I’ve gone to Conquest Sac, but it has a very high suck factor) and I don’t expect that to change this year unless I strike gold in the garden. GenCon 2011 is a possibility, if I start saving my pennies tonight and use freight trains to get there.

In other gaming news, I realized that running a Harry Potter/Hogwarts style RPG for my group would be full of problems, so instead, I’m gonna set them up as pirates and let them go hog wild. With luck, that’ll start in a few weeks.

And now, dog walking. More bloggage later.