The Rare And Beautiful Screaming Hyrax Of Potawango Island

…they only scream when they are mating.

Ok, so my once prolific posting here on has nearly vanished. I could blame Facebook, and I’d mostly be right, but I also think it has a lot to do with fewer posts on here by my friends. At any rate, something must be done. If Facebook allowed longer status updates, that might help. Or I could look into a personal website or maybe just a blog alternative (I’ve checked out a few already.)

What to do, what to do.

Wicked Pigs On The Rampage

…all dressed in black leather

Oh, ye heartless blackguards! Ye made yer poor Uncle Doc have to flip a coin to decide if CyberPulp or The Great Tower gets written about on this blog. It breaks me heart that not one of ye could cast one wee vote to break the tie.

Ah well, the winner is CyberPulp. Be lookin’ fer a post about it in th’ near future.

The Mystical, Yet Rather Screwball Comedic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Portuguese Prince

…co-starring her new boyfriend, Swanky McDuff

Ok, it’s official: Facebook is devouring the time I used to spend here. February saw only 6 posts by me. My shame is great.

Anyway, in Doc news, we have…

1: I’m about to start up a Pirate series for my regular RPG group. Still undecided as to what rules we’ll use, although Basic Roleplaying is the front runner just now. It’s pretty much a sandbox game, since despite the HUGE ocean area being full of islands and continents, almost nothing is detailed. I was gonna start the game up in the middle of March, but am now looking at mid to late April because…

2:…two of my players are getting MARRIED! Congratulations to Samantha & Paul! This has never happened in a gaming group of mine before, although I have had two already married players have a baby (not during a game session) and a couple of players hook up for sex.

3: Grace & I are still neck deep in our Adventure In Poverty and now we have no working car! Said auto, which we have had for 9 years and have put nearly 160,000 miles on, stopped working and demanded a valve job. So now, our beloved Honda CRV has a motor in pieces in our garage until my brother finishes the repairs.

4: Work on the e-zine has slowed way down since I am working nights and fighting off bill collectors all day.

Hopefully, more bloggage later.