Cow Riding For The Complete Dummy

…first, make sure it’s a COW, not a steer. Bulls are right out.

Random images from my recent waking and sleeping life…

Fast possums
Cannibal women
The war against snails & slugs
Changes at work
Discussions on what constitutes “a beer”
Rainy weather
Talking fish
Adventures In Poverty: Season 3
Seed planting
King Kong (print version)
LJ subject lines do Facebook
Driving through the heartland with James Mason and a talking otter
Watching “Fringe”
Garden pictures
Mystery shopping mini-deathmarches
Airships over Sacramento!
Cooking dinner for about 1,000 people but the stove keeps catching on fire
Dogs…spoiled rotten dogs
My Sweet Angel

Doc Tempest And The 11 Doctors

…from the June 20015 issue

Dang…I was thinking about “Fooooddd Fooorrr Dooogggsss: The Rock Opera” and I came up with a part of a filk using Bohemian Rhapsody as the tune. Unfortunately, my filk fu is weak nowadays. I need my old pal Mary Chriest Jones to help me. She is a Master of Filk Fu. Spike, gimme yer wife!