Chapter 12: In Which Our Hero, Having Been Swallowed By a Whale, Learns To Enjoy The Taste Of Krill

…until he was coughed up onto a beach in the Azores

The Road To DogCon 3: Say Hello To Flash

As I announced many weeks ago, Grace & I decided to get an imaginary cat and that he would go with us & The Girls to DogCon this year. For a long time, we did not have a name for the little fellow, but that has changed. His name is Flash. Actually, his full name is Flash Alexander Cross.

Flash is a 4 month old Dwarf Shorthair Portuguese Jungle Cat. Yes yes, I know their are no jungles in Portugal. But even if there were IMAGINARY jungles, it still wouldn’t matter, since the DSPJC is a fully domesticated and civilized feline. Flash is colored just like a tiger…orange & black…but otherwise looks like an ordinary cat. Of course, he is quite small (hey, yo…DWARF?) and weighs a mere 7 pounds. He has vividly green eyes.

His personality is not unlike Winker’s: Bursts of rowdiness lasting up to 20 minutes, then several hours of mellowing out up to and including sleeping like he’s in a coma.

He gets along famously with both Lucy and Winker and they wrassle a few times a day.

His favorite food is scrambled eggs with tuna, but he also enjoys canned cat food and boiled chicken with rice. His favorite place to sleep is on top of Lucy, who outweighs him by 44 pounds. His favorite toy is an old sock filled with catnip.

As one might expect for an imaginary cat, he is totally hypoallergenic and has excellent litter box ettiquite. He is a great kitty and a proud member of our family.