Interesting Mice Are Often Nice

…and the like to eat rice

The Trip To DogCon 3: Day 1

Well, instead of getting up at 3:30, I overslept until 4:00, so we were only 30 minutes late getting on the road, which is a new record for almost leaving on time. Someday, we might actually leave on time, but I’m not sure I could stand the shock.

Anyway, we pulled out of the driveway at 4:00 and were soon on our way north up Interstate 5. I was the only one awake to greet the dawn 90 minutes later, but greeting the dawn is pretty fucking overrated, so I just concentrated on driving and listening to music.

Around 7, we pulled into Redding to gas up and eat large quantities of breakfast at a truck stop called Truck You, Charlie. It’s not a bad place and they do serve their food with extra grease. They also let us bring the critters in, since they are better behaved and nicer smelling than most of the regular human clientele.

About an hour later, we were off to our first stop, The Tree Tied In A Knot. This is located in the mildly famous town of Weed, California. We arrived just a few minutes ago and I’m writing this while The Girls & Flash are going walkies. More trip reportage will come later today.

Destination Sign: Oa