I Was A Muppet For The FBI

…looking for commie muppets

The Trip to DogCon 3: Day 8, Part 1, In which we see a Viking ship inside a house, adopt a goat and camp with members of my tribe.

(Note: No comments by Flash this time. He’s pissed off about the goat.)

The second half of today’s journey saw us stopping in the town of Onamia to see The Ship In A House. As with many roadside attractions, this one began when somebody had way too much time on the hands. In this case, it was one Olaf Jorgenson, a man who really loved Vikings. In fact, he loved them so much that he started building a full sized replica of a Viking dragon ship in his home.

As the ship got bigger, old Olaf just knocked out walls/ceilings/floors/whatever to accommodate it. After a no doubt spirited discussion with his wife, he built new living spaces around the outside of the main house shell.

The ship is a fine looking vessel, but Olaf never got to see if she would float. According to his daughter, who runs the joint now, her father kicked the bucket a week after he finished the ship. In accordance with his final wishes, he was given a Viking funeral on one of the local lakes.

Oddly, the only souvenirs they had for sale were ball caps with a picture of the ship on them. We bought 3.

Our next stop was in Princeton, where we thought we were going to see the local Basset Hound Waddle, but it turns out we were a week early. Since we had gone to the local ASPCA shelter to get the lowdown, we strolled through the place. We were glad to see very few dogs, cats or other animals.

Now, I have to say that my dear wife is almost always the “sane” one in our marriage. If there is goofy, off the wall, spontaneous, ill advised shit to do, it’s my job. Which is why I was stunned into slack jawed silence when she up and adopted a Pygmy Goat. True, the poor little girl was the only one left of the 3 siblings that came in and yes, she was very cute, being all white with grey spots, but a goat? I considered arguing against it, but decided I have not built up sufficient Husband Points since my last screwup.

And so, we now share our bus with a 6 month old female Pygmy Goat named Abigail. She seems to be very intelligent and well trained. She even uses an oversized litter box to do her biz in. And no, she does not stink. That is buck goats, not does. Also, like Flash, she is imaginary.

Our other critters reacted to her in predictable fashion. Lucy barked at her from a safe distance, Flash climbed up on the highest shelf to glare at her and Winker immediately walked up to her and made friends.

With no more roadside stops planned, we drove straight on to the KOA in St. Paul. Upon arrival, we noticed many gaming geeks wandering about. It was the t-shirts, dice bags and RPG books that gave them away. I started talking to a few and almost immediately got the “Hey, you’re DOC CROSS!” treatment. This later translated into me running a couple of Toon games.

These geeks are on a yearly migration to GenCon from their homes in Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and Idaho. Apparently, they have been doing this for some years and the group gets larger every year. This year, there are 22 of them. They plan on continuing from here to Milwaukee (where they spend a day or two remembering GenCons past), them move on to Lake Geneva (where they plan to play D&D in honor of Gary & Dave) and finally hit Indianapolis on Tuesday.

After a night of gaming, talking about gaming and quaffing a few ales, I am ready for bed. Tomorrow, we brave the wilds of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Destination Sign: Pern