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The Doclopedia #10

This is a beastly knife.

Knives That Do More Than Cut: The Blade That Transforms

Type of knife: Primitive stone knife
Magic level: High
Intelligence: Low
Almost nothing is known about this knife other than it is several millenia old and may have come from the Dendulaa Plains area of Tulargishtan, where primitive folk live to this day. It does not, however, resemble any knife used by any tribe now living in that area.

Made of the rare yellowglass stones found only near Mount Dendrogaa, the knife measures 10 inches long. Six inches of that is the razor sharp blade. The remainder is the rawhide wrapped handle. If this blade has a truename, it has yet to be revealed.

According to legend, this knife allows the user to change form into a predatory beast. The type of beast is left up to the user, but once chosen, the beast form stays the same. While some may consider this a useful ability, it should be remembered that the tales tell us that the user eventually goes insane due to recurring nightmares that involve some ancient Beast God. In the end, they always change into their beast form and go on a terrible rampage. This always leads to an angry populace hunting them down and killing them.