The Rare And Beautiful Butterfly Winged Skunk Of Potawango Island

…their spray smells like fresh baked peach pie

The Doclopedia #11

Our blade today is very protective.

Knives That Do More Than Cut: The Blade That Protects

Type of knife: Large Bowie Type
Magic level: Medium
Intelligence: Average

Another creation of Aloris and Haric Wendayle, this large knife (truename: Bilaindro) was designed to protect the wielder from a variety of dangers. If it is just in it’s scabbard on a person’s belt, it will give good protection from the elements. If being used in any sort of combat, it also protects against against attacks by any bladed weapon.

Depending upon the profession of the user, the knife can give other protections. For warriors, it protects against blunt weapons, too. A mage would get protection from spells that do direct physical damage, while a cleric would be protected from attacks by the undead. It is believed that a thief would get protection from sneak attacks.

Even non-adventuring professions can get specific protections. Joom Jilar, a baker in Hendhar City, was protected against burns. An unknown potionmaker in Akarris was immune to poisoning.

Unlike many enchanted objects, the knife does not demand anything for granting these protections. It does, however, enjoy being taken out for nights on the town, especially if consorting with prostitutes is part of the plan. Bilaindro is undeniably male

Physically, the knife is 16 inches long, with 11 inches being the heavy steel blade. The handle is carved from a piece of Stone Giant bone and the guard is made of the rare White Metal found only in certain remote areas far to the north. There are no engravings of any sort on the knife.


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