Dog Rice Is Darned Nice

…dogs will eat it more than twice.

The Doclopedia #14

Knives That Do More Than Cut: The Blade That Controls

Just under the deadline, here is the final knife!

Type of knife: Double Edged Dagger
Magic level: Very High
Intelligence: Genius

The last blade that we’ll look at is, in fact, the last enchanted knife that the Wendayles ever made. The entire process to make it took a year and a half and the cost was astronomical, but the person who ordered it paid for everything and included a very substantial profit.

Unlike the many other magical creations of the Wendayles, for which copious notes were kept and reprinted over the intervening years, very little is known of this knife. All notes on the creation of it were destroyed by Aloris Wendayle.

What we do know comes from a short letter written by an apprentice mage. In it, he tells his sister about the knife, saying the following tantalizing tidbits.

It is beautiful, all silver with gold inlay in the handle. The blade is 9 inches long and wicked sharp.

Such a dagger has been mentioned in several texts as being used in unspeakable rituals in many of the Known Lands.

I think it may be indestructible.

After the destruction of the foul Temple of Desh, in the summer of 1190, the dagger was to be destroyed, but resisted all attempts. It later vanished from safekeeping.

Another apprentice told me that Aloris has bound an entity to the blade, but not just a demon or a soul, but one of the Unspoken Ones. This in terribly dangerous, but it’s what the buyer wants.

If an Unspoken One was bound to the knife, only the most powerful of minds could control it. Anyone not up to the task would soon be under the daggers control.

And finally…

The buyer came today and took the knife. As soon as he left, Aloris transported the entire staff of the manor house and all of us apprentices, to the city of Salburgh along with a large amount of gold. I do not know what became of the Wendayles, but I shall miss them.

Vague rumors put the Wendayle in the Hawan Empire shortly after this. Nothing more is known of their fate.

It must also be noted that on about the same date as the letter, a rash of horrible murders took place in Blue Bay city. Most of the bodies were killed in ways that suggest some sort of ritual.

This author believes that the Unspoken One inside the dagger wants out and is trying to find the human sacrifice ritual that will do it. It seems likely that the knife can control the minds of many cultists and uses them to do its bidding. Proceed with caution, relic hunters.