How To Eat Fried Watermelon

…it’s trickier than you might think

Ok, only one Doclopedia post today because it’s my early night for hitting the sack. Two posts tomorrow or I’ll refund your purchase price!

The Doclopedia #38

Steampunk Grrlz: Molly O’My


First off, Molly’s last name is not really “O’My”. She took that surname partly to distance herself from her well to do Irish family, but mostly because it is what she heard so often as a child…as in, “Oh my, Molly, you’ve gotten grease all over your dress” or “Oh my, Molly, your hair looks a fright after climbing that tree” or “OH MY! Molly just blackened the eye of that boy who was teasing her!”.

Yes, Molly was quite the tomboy, which was rather to be expected of a girl with four older and three younger brothers. She learned to fight, climb trees, play various sports and do a variety of things that proper young ladies did not do. This gave her mother “more grey hairs than all of your brothers combined”.

From an early age, Molly was fascinated with machinery and would often spend hours hanging around the mechanics in one of her father’s factories. As she got a bit older, she would watch the family chauffeur work on the various new steam automobiles that her mother insisted her father buy. Then, once puberty had Molly well into young womanhood, she started seeing a young fellow who actually owned his own aeroplane.

It was not long after her 18th birthday that Molly had what her youngest brother called “the big blow up” with her parents. They thought she should be thinking of finding a nice young man to marry, but Molly wanted to set up a machine shop to build autos and possibly planes and whatever other devices she could think of. The result of this headbutting with her parents was that Molly sold all of her jewelry and fine clothing, packed up her bags and her dog Rusty, jumped on the steam motorcycle that she had repaired after her brother Brian wrecked it and left home to seek her fortune.

After a few years working at a automobile repair shop in Cork (and becoming so good a mechanic that the owner offered her a partnership), Molly headed off to the United States. Wanting to live somewhere warm, she ended up in Yuma, Arizona, where she set up her own vehicle repair shop. She was quite successful and had customers from as far away as San Francisco. Within three years, she was employing 25 people.

Nowadays, Molly let’s her staff do the repairing while she does the inventing. She has created several types of autos, a couple of motorcycles, a half dozen aeroplanes & airships and a submarine. Yes, a woman who lives in the desert built a submarine. She is now working on a new type of train car to haul the submarine to San Diego so she can test it.

Molly is 5’5” tall, a wee bit pudgy, extremely cute and curses like a drill instructor. When she is not inventing stuff, repairing stuff or reading about new inventions, she enjoys auto racing, motorcycle racing, rodeos, Mexican food, beer and sex with brawny young men.


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