A Wading Pool Full Of Beer

…how else can you do beer wrestling?

At long last, I begin the next theme week…and it’s a blast from 2006 (expanded and revised).

The Doclopedia #43

Dogs & Cats Living Together:  Spock & Bones

Spock the Rottwieller and Bones the Russian Blue are the pets of the Abernathy family, most of whom are die hard Star Trek fans. Their house is decorated in Early (TOS) Trek. They even have sliding doors that hiss when they open and close.

Spock & Bones couldn’t care less about science fiction on tv, but they do care about battling the threat of alien invasion in their home town!

You see, the town the Abernathy’s live in (Targetville, Ohio) is (for reasons only known to extraterrestrials) the spot on earth to conquer first. So, every few nights, Spock & Bones go forth to repel the alien invaders that the humans either can’t identify or never even find out about. Aiding in the fight are not only many other household pets, but much of the wildlife in the area.

So far, at least 57 different species of aliens have tried to invade Targetville. Most have tried numerous times. The animals keep kicking their asses. To be honest, most of the aliens are not exactly geniuses, despite having advanced technology that is designed to kill or enslave humans. They might have a better chance if they invented devices to kill or enslave animals, but they haven’t.

Contrary to their names, Spock & Bones never argue and are the best of friends.


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