Six Redheads In A VW Bug

…talk about your recipe for disaster

Today’s 365 post! Late, but not too late!

The Doclopedia #47

Today, Toon gets represented.

Dogs & Cats Living Together: Delbert Dogge & Conrad Catt

Delbert is a rather obese Basset Hound. This stems from his obsessive love of human food. Although he might look a bit dim, Delbert is a pretty smart pooch. Conrad is a raggedy looking Siamese cat. He’d look a lot less raggedy if his inventions didn’t keep exploding and/or beating the crap out of him. Conrad is perhaps not as smart as Delbert, but he’s faster and tougher.

These two hate each other. There is a constant war going on between them to get one another kicked out of the house and sent to the pound. They are often joined in these battles by the house mice (who hate Conrad), the squirrels from the yard (who hate Delbert) and Rodney Raccoon, who lives under the house and hates everybody.

Both of them are the pets of Granny Goodpickle, a sweet old lady who lives in an old Victorian house on a quiet street. She is a bit deaf, which explains why she has been oblivious to their ongoing battles. It’s a wonder the house is still standing.

Both Delbert and Conrad have Incredible Luck and Cosmic Shift as Shticks and they both own Bags of Many Things. Conrad also owns an Ace catalog, while Delbert owns a large selection of weapons.

Delbert hates baths and loves gourmet food. Conrad really hates baths and loves cool gadgets.

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