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The Doclopedia #49

Dogs & Cats Living Together: Weenie and Bill


Weenie is a fat female Miniature Dachshund and Bill is a scroungy looking male cat of indeterminate breed. If you combined their IQ scores, you get a total equal to that of the average bar of soap.

Weenie is full of energy, but very accident prone. She has hurt herself and others 34 times just by trying to lick her own foot. She also has chronic flatulence of the sort that should put her on some EPA list.

Bill is also full of energy, especially when it relates to food. Pity that he is even more accident prone than Weenie, especially when it comes to falling off high places or getting electrocuted. He also should probably stay away from fans when they are operating.

As if Mother Nature wanted to make up for shortchanging them in the brains department, they are both very tough and resilient. That’s a good thing, since otherwise they both would have never lived out their first year of life.

They are the best of friends and often come up with “fun ideas” for whiling away the time while their humans are at work. These “fun ideas” often take the form of overly involved plots to get some extra food or get into things that they aren’t supposed to. Hilarity, bodily harm and property damage ensue.