Desmond Favored Brunettes In Stews

… but for curries, he preferred redheads


The Doclopedia #74

AD&D Monsters As Characters: Lola the Night Hag


Mayor Lola is everything a Night Hag is not supposed to be: Beautiful, kind, caring, Lawful Good and a vegetarian. No wonder she was banished from Hades! She left when she was very young, after redecorating an entire section of the place with smiley faces and glitter.

After several years of traveling about and doing good deeds in the lands outside those of Men, Lola had developed quite a following of misfit creatures that are usually called monsters. She insisted that they behave peacefully and respect one another and darned if they didn’t do it! Deciding that they needed a home to call their own, Lola chose the remote and long abandoned village of Oak Hill. Soon after, they had repaired things, built several new buildings and installed Lola as the “Mayor for Life”.

Lola works hard to keep things running smoothly and personally welcomes each new citizen that wanders in from outside of town. She meets once a month with the Town Council to discuss village business and also teaches art classes at the village school. In recent years, she has made trade agreements with a few far off human villages, which has greatly benefited all concerned.

Lola is married to Armand the Were-Dog (under the full moon, he turns into a Golden Retriever) and they have two adopted children, Tommy (a young Orc who was banished for being a nerd) and Francine (a sweet little girl Gnoll).

In her very rare spare time, Lola enjoys singing in the town choir, reading stories to her children and tossing a ball under the full moon for Armand to fetch.


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