A Somnambulist In The Pantry

…AKA my cousin Cindy

365 People, Places & Things #79

Yes, Joe exists in a standard D&D type fantasy world, too.

Average Joes: Joe Smith, Blacksmith

Aye, I’m the village blacksmith and so was my father and grandfather before me. You need a horse shod or a weapon repaired or a new weapon made, then I’m your man. I charge a fair price and I can work fast, if needs be. Mind ye, the faster the work, the less of a guarantee ye’ll be getting. Bloody hard to get high quality work done in a rush.

Oddest weapon I’ve ever made, ye ask? Well, that’d be a sorta three bladed throwing sword that I made for a feller about two years ago. He was passing through town with a bunch of other folks and he ordered it special. Had drawings of what he needed. Paid real well for it, too. Didn’t say what he needed it for, but a few days later, that giant that was troubling the folks over in Byriver was found dead. Had three identical puncture wounds in it’s head, don’t ya know.

Another time, this travelin’ wizard feller shows up and tells me that he’s getting’ mighty tired of having to use his regular old staff for fighting once his spells run out. I took his staff and covered the top end with an iron knob and the bottom end with a sharp steel point. He liked that mighty fine, yessir.

So, what can I do for ye? A spring loaded spear launcher and some silver tipped spears? Well now, let me get a look at those drawings…


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