Handsome Joe And The Mystery In The Garden

…a children’s book title

Finally, we come to the end of two weeks of Average Joes and retro 365 posts. Starting tomorrow: All new stuff with Alt. Rocks Week.

365 People, Places & Things #91

Our last Joe is just keepin’ it clean.

Average Joes: Joe Bosley, Street Sweeper

Like I was saying, this is a hell of a town for garbage in the streets. Last week, it was the Brotherhood of Airshippers parade and them boys was partying hard up in those zeppelins. Lemme tell ya, when a full beer can hits the street after a 3,000 foot fall, it blows up real good. There’s parts of town that are gonna smell of beer for a month.

Then, a couple of weeks before that, it was the National Mad Scientists convention. Damn, them scientists sure can party…when they aren’t trying to kill each other. The city will be patching up from that for months. I’m not sure what the hell they’ll do about them walkin’ trees in Central Park.

Of course, even that big blowout was nothing compared to the Martian Werewolf Invasion of 1996. Man, we racked up the overtime cleaning up after that. Heck, I even found enough Martian bits & pieces to sell on eBay for big bucks. Can you imagine somebody payin’ 500 large for one of them Martian helmets?

A week from this comin’ Thursday is the big GeekCon sci-fi convention. First time it’ll be held in the Big Apple since 1975. From what I’ve heard on the Street Sweeper websites, it’s gonna make the Brotherhood of Evil Bastards convention look like a quilting bee.

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