The Demon Children Are Under Your House

…time to move

The Doclopedia #119

Potions: Potion of Incredible Luck




2 six sided dice carved from the thigh bone of a gambler who died of old age
11 drops of blood from a drunken crapshooter
1 gold coin that has been used to win at least 9 bets
An IOU, for honest winnings, from an Ispedalian PoetKing
3 ounces of essence of nightfairy dust
A handkerchief stained by the lipstick of Lady Luck
1 quart of viper venom
1 quart beef stock

Grind the dice into a fine powder, then mix with the crapshooter blood and the nightfairy dust essence.

Slowly pour in the viper venom and the beef stock.

Build a fire from decks of old playing cards and busted pool cues

Bring slowly to a boil while singing “House Of The Rising Sun”

Boil for 5 minutes

Add the coin, the IOU and the handkerchief

Stir clockwise 52 times

Cool, strain, drink it all in under an hour. Effects last for 30 days.


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