It’s All Fun And Games Until You Sell Grandpa To The Sideshow

…although we did get top dollar for him

The Doclopedia #123

The Door: To Otherwhen

Of all the known Doors, this one is the most likely to seriously screw with your head. See, it sends you back into a time in your past…a time you’d really like to go to…but you slowly find out that this is not really the world of your past. Maybe you realize this when you read about the Cubs winning their third straight World Series or maybe you hear The Beatles singing their big hit “Sympathy For The Devil” or maybe it happens when you find out that your family had 5 kids instead of 4, but you realize this is an alternate past.

Once you find out that it’s not your past, what do you do? Some people go ahead with whatever they wanted to go into the past for anyway, while others just start looking for more differences. A few people try to “set things right”, but that always bites them in the ass. A very few people take a short vacation from sanity.

No matter what the lucky time traveler does, they only have 48 hours in the past and when they return home, nothing has changed. Of course, if some other person in another reality goes into their past, things could indeed change. Unfortunately, they will never know it.

The Door to Otherwhen is made of stainless steel and set in a stainless steel frame. Both the door and the frame contain dozens of blinking LED lights and digital readouts. There is no handle or doorknob, just a button that says “Open”. A golden plaque with silver letters is mounted right at eye level on the door. It says “Time Travel Door”.

The Doclopedia #124

The Door: To Redemption

Many people, even those who do not believe in religion or souls or sin, have some burden that they carry. It might be something they did, it might be something they did not do, but in the end something happened and it was their fault and they wish they could make up for it in some way.

This door lets them do just that.

Physically, the door looks just like any other door in the immediate vicinity. But once a person steps through it, they are soon presented with a situation by which they can redeem themselves. Each situation is different, with some being much more involved than others. The cop who failed to protect a family from the mob may get a chance to bring the same criminals to justice for some other crime. The woman who did not help a friend in time to stop her suicide may get a chance to help somebody else.

The door does not move a person through time or space, it merely puts them into a certain situation. Interestingly, not a single person has ever not taken advantage of their chance at redemption.


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