…it’s CSI meets Hawaii Five-O

TWO Doclopedia posts tonight, kids, cos I won’t have time to do another until Xmas day afternoon.

The Doclopedia #129

Pulp Era Women: Eva LaSalle

Eva Mills was the fifth of seven children born to Jefferson and Vandy Mills, dirt poor sharecroppers in southern Mississippi. Eva hated her life on the farm and ran away from home at age 12. After several weeks on the road, during which she suffered many abuses and injuries, she met up with Mama Lily. Mama Lily was an old black woman who lived deep in the woods. Folks said she was a witch…and folks was right! She took Eva in and trained her in the ways of magic. Living in Mama Lily’s little shack in the woods wasn’t much better than living on her parent’s farm, but Eva did like her lessons. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she could use magic to move up in life someday.

That day came just after Eva’s 18th birthday, when she said goodbye to Mama Lily and headed off to the big city. Now grown into a beautiful and smart young woman, Eva started putting her plan to work. First, she met and seduced Gordon LaSalle, an up and coming young criminal in the black underworld of St. Louis. She ensured Gordon’s undying love with regular doses of a love potion, while removing his enemies with either spells or an army of alley cats lead by her own familiar, Midnight.

Eventually, Gordon became the undisputed king of crime in St. Louis. Eva let’s him run his businesses (both criminal and legal) with some guidance from her, but she has also enslaved several of his underlings to run a few secret operations of her own.

Lately, Eva has grown bored with St. Louis and has cast her eye towards New York in general and Harlem in particular. She is still trying to decide if she wants to take Gordon with her when she makes the move.

In her spare time, Eva enjoys jazz, champagne, the movies and being wealthy & powerful.



The Doclopedia #130

Pulp Era Women: Theodora Pogg

Theodora (“Dora” to her very few friends) is a Weird Scientist whose specialty is creating chemical weapons based upon plant and animal extracts, glandular secretions, etc. Most of the time, she creates poisons that stun, blind, or paralyze the target. She tends to shy away from making lethal compounds, although she is certainly capable of it. She usually sells her weapons to the highest bidder.
Like most nutjob scientists, she has a secret laboratory. In her case, it is in an abandoned subway station that she can access via a secret door in her basement. It is quite roomy and has all of the latest equipment, plus plenty of room for the animals and plants she needs for her research.
Recently, Dora has been working on a serum that will mix the DNA of plants and animals. Actually, she has succeeded in creating it, but doesn’t realize it because she has a split personality and “Teddy”, her dark side, is keeping it a secret from her. Teddy has plans for world conquest using her “plantanimals”. Dora would be horrified by this, since it will involve a whole lot of killing. Teddy has thought about possibly locking Dora in some secure mental prison, but doesn’t do it because Dora can be useful.

Theodora is 40 years old, 6 feet tall, rather skinny and plain featured with mousy brown hair. She habitually wears drab pants and blouses under her lab coat. She doesn’t go out much and hasn’t been on a date since college.

In her spare time, Dora enjoys music, reading adventure stories and working in her greenhouse.
In her spare time, Teddy enjoys plotting the conquest of the world, hiring minions (especially well muscled young men) and investigating the cost of cosmetic surgery.


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