Not In This Issue: Beans, Glass Cutting Tips Or Reviews Of Computer Games

…but there is a cat

The Doclopedia #140

On New Year’s Eve…:

…1821, at 3:12 in the afternoon, a pampered pet cat of the Royal Family of Russia managed to get outside the house and become lost in the vast snow covered gardens. Scared, cold and having been sexually assaulted by a common alley cat (though he was a handsome and dashing fellow), she accidentally fell into a tiny doorway between dimensions. She ended up on a world full of primitive people who, upon hearing of this beautiful creature that had fallen from the sky, commenced to worshiping her and tending to her every need and, a few months later, swearing that she her descendants would be worshiped as gods for all time.

The cat was glad to have found a world where humans knew their place.


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