Never Stick Your Finger In A Hot Meatloaf

…and no, that is NOT a euphemism

The Doclopedia #142

The Alphabet: A



Several other realities have airships as a means of transport for both cargo and passengers. The exact nature of the lifting mechanism is almost as varied as the design of the ships. For example…

In the 1930’s CyberPulp world, airships look pretty much like the zeppelins in our world did, but they are much larger because the gas used for lift is helium, not hydrogen. While airplanes are faster, most people like the roomier and more refined mode of travel an airship provides. Another big bonus is that despite their huge size, airships can land in much smaller areas than planes.

On the Earths where magic dominates, airships are truly ships that sail in the air. They can be lifted by enchanted wood, magical stones or just plain old spells. On some worlds, such ships are rare, while on others they are as common as seagoing ships.

While most steampunk worlds have airships that lift via hydrogen or helium, a few use amazing scientific devices or processes for lift. Most notable among these would be Professor Chan’s Gravity Repulsion Effect, which uses a steam engine to power some sort of electrical coils for lift.

In the Tooniverse, it is best not to think too much about what is holding the ship up. It might just stop doing it.

On Mars 12, airships are the primary mode of air travel and there are thousands of them ranging is size from small one person pedal powered runabouts to the truly enormous (1.75 miles long!) luxury liner, “Dejah Voo”, which endlessly circles the Martian equator.

Finally, airships are still popular and profitable in the 2030’s CyberPulp world. At that point, they are huge jet propelled V shaped craft that merrily scoot along at 300 miles an hour while the passengers do everything from sleep to listed to a live band to jack into the latest VR programs.


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