The Ten Blue Budgies VS Mrs. Wangdoodle’s Cats On Potawango Island

…where they were trampled by a herd of Fluffy Tailed Elephants

365 People, Places & Things #152

The Alphabet: K

K is for KING’S MAZE

King’s Maze is a huge maze covering an area of 100 square miles and located in central Gradonia, just east of the Flowering Hills. It was created during the reign of King Drondek the Third, perhaps the most paranoid in a long line of paranoid rulers. Convinced that his enemies, who included the imaginary “Sky Women”, were out to kill and/or eat him, Drondek ordered the area surrounding his castle to be cleared and a huge maze created. This all took place just after his 22nd birthday.

The maze was a marvel of engineering, magic and cunning design. The “walls” are made of everything from dense vegetation to solid stone walls to deep ravines to what appears to be eternal fire. The whole place was full of deadly traps, dangerous creatures and at least three Forest Troll communities. It wass impossible to fly over or tunnel under. The exact way in or out changed every third day. There was only one entrance, on the south side near the village of Hurdenmart.

The maze was finally finished two days after King Drondek celebrated his 77th birthday. The king was deliriously happy and danced about singing “I’m safe, I’m safe!” before retiring for the night.

The next day, his half eaten body was found in his bed.

The castle and maze were abandoned within days of Drondek’s death. That was 298 years ago and much of the magic that protected the place has faded away. You can fly over it now and a skyship line out of Hurdenmart does daily excursion flights. For the more adventurous, guided trips to the castle itself are available. These typically take five days, round trip and meals are provided.


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