The Wicked Sisterhood Has Plans For You

…and you probably won’t like them.

365 People, Places & Things #153

The Alphabet: L

L is for LONG CATS

On Earth 33, there is a very strange species of domesticated feline known as the Long Cat (Felis octopedus. These strange creatures very closely resemble ordinary housecats, but are over four feet long and have eight legs, which are short like those of the Munchkin breed. Long Cats have longer and larger ears than most domesticated cats and have the rex style of coat. The fur is always longitudinally striped and black or dark reddish brown over a much lighter color. This striping gives them a “racy” look, which is fitting because Long Cats are very fast.

Long Cats are also excellent climbers who, unlike regular cats, can climb down as easily as they climb up. What Long Cats cannot do well is jump, due to their extreme length and multiple legs. They are, however, even more likely to land on their feet than a normal cat.

Long Cats are different from all other feline species in being true omnivores. It is not uncommon to find them eating fruit in a tree or chowing down on greens in the garden. In fact, a Long Cat fed only a typical high protein cat food will develop health problems.

Long Cats do not breed as often as other cats, nor do they have as large a litter size. A typical litter seldom numbers more than four kittens, with two or three being more common. Additionally, the kittens stay with the mother and father (yes, Long Cats stay paired up after mating) for as long as a year. They do not reach sexual maturity until their second year.

As companions, Long Cats are more like dogs than house cats. They are pretty easy to obedience train and seem to enjoy learning and performing tricks. One thing to note is that Long Cat excrement tends to be way stinkier than ordinary cat feces. Fortunately, they can be trained to use a doggy door and do their business outside

Finally, Long Cats are also pretty long lived, with the oldest on record being a British pet named Olivia who lived to be 31 years old. In the wild, the lifespan would be closer to 12 years.


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