The Incredible Adventures Of Doctor Tempest And The City On The Moon

…from the August, 1903 issue

365 People, Places & Things #159

The Alphabet: R


The Robotic Raiders were a race of sentient robot pirates who landed on Earth in 1978 and proceeded to rob and pillage for about a week before beaming back up to their spacecraft with their booty. They then blasted a skull and crossbones onto the surface of the moon and left our solar system.

The booty the Robotic Raiders took with them was primarily made up of beef cattle, green garden hoses, most of the Chairman Mao jackets in China, blackberry wine and guys weighing over 450 pounds from all over the world.

365 People, Places & Things #160

The Alphabet: S

S is for SKLORKS

The Sklork is a chicken sized flightless bird that lives on the Plains of Brimora and in the Forests of Adrunin, both located in the western half of the main continent of Earth 8. Sklorks have three interesting features: They are immune to all magic, they seem to repel the undead and they lay the best tasting eggs in the world.

Most Sklorks have reddish to brown feathers and black crests on their heads. Their legs are longer than a chicken’s and they are very fast. They travel about in flocks of up to 100 individuals and make a noise that gives them their name…”Sklork Sklork”. Despite looking stupid, they are actually one of the smartest birds.

Sklorks cannot be domesticated, so Sklork egg hunters get top dollar for the eggs they collect.


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