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365 People, Places & Things #161

The Alphabet: T


Tammy the Tiger is the heroine of a series of beloved children’s books on CatEarth. Accompanied by her best friends, Mittens and Lynx, she gets into all manner of exciting and humorous situations. Each story ends with Tammy solving the big mystery and saving the day, often to the chagrin of the police, who are headed by her father, Commissioner Tom Tiger. In some stories, Tammy is teamed up with her pet human, Hilda. She then spends most of the book getting Hilda out of trouble.

There are 67 books in the series so far and 15 of them have been made into movies both live action and animated. In 1977, a Tammy the Tiger television series premiered and ran until 1988. In 1995, Cora Catora, the author who started the series in 1951, admitted that she often got high on catnip before writing because “it stimulated my creativity”.

365 People, Places & Things #162

The Alphabet: U


In all of the magic based realities, there are few spells as powerful and feared as Uncle Umbo’s Deathsong. The curses of dying wizards are always terrible things, but this deathsong makes them look weak by comparison.

Uncle Umbo was the Archwizard of the Civilized West when the Northern Hordes and the Southern Mystics launched a two pronged attack. The war was terrible to behold and was well into it’s second year when a large force of Horde warriors and Mystic enchanters attacked the city of Vooleezontar. That city being the home of the Wizards Fellowship, it put Uncle Umbo right into the thick of things. As the enemy drew close to his home tower, he fought them off with every spell he knew.

But then the Archwizard took a solid hit from an enchanted arrow. Knowing that he was dying, Uncle Umbo stood up and began to sing. The song was one of curses on the enemy and aid to his countrymen. It went on for several minutes and magical energy crackled around Uncle Umbo. The moment he finished it, he collapsed dead and a great shockwave of magical energy rushed out in an ever expanding circle. As the wave of magical energy hit the enemy, they exploded or burst into flames or melted. Uncle Umbo’s countrymen were instantly healed of their wounds and filled with renewed vigor. Before it stopped, the spell affected all enemies and friends within a 200 mile radius. A few minutes later, it rained chocolate drops for a full minute. Uncle Umbo had always enjoyed chocolate drops.

Since it’s first use, the spell has only been used four times. One of those uses is the reason why the world no longer has dragons, but does have anthropomorphic chickens. Use of the spell is discouraged by the Wizard’s Fellowship, even though it is only ever used as a last resort.


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