Adventure Module S2: Dungeons Of The Sewer Troll Queen

…for characters of Level 3-5 who have a weak sense of smell

The Doclopedia #177

Magic Items That Don’t Look Cool: Ring Of Dreamwalking

The power to enter another person’s dreams and affect them is a pretty powerful ability. You can use it to scare the hell out of them, help them through trying emotional times, find out their deepest secrets or even have dream sex with them. Dreamwalking has been used to defeat both evil and good, often with exactly the same end results. Empires have fallen at the hands of skilled dreamwalkers. But first you need to wear the Ring of Dreamwalking.

The ring is made of rusty iron and set with a couple of very cheap and not at all nice looking gemstones. It bears no inscription other that a crudely carved “DW” on outside edge. Finally, it’s a pretty small size, so most adult men will have to wear it on their pinky.

The Doclopedia #178

Magic Items That Don’t Look Cool: Cape Of Leaping

The Cape of Leaping is a much sought after magical item among thieves. While wearing it, you can do a running leap of up to 60 feet in length or a standing leap of 35 feet straight up. It also allows you to land like a cat if you should leap from as high as 75 feet up. It’s a great item to wear if you are of the larcenous inclination…and not sartorially picky.

The cape is only a bit past waist length and is colored a drab grey that is mottled with all sorts of stains. It’s very thin and full of holes and smells bad. It may have once been a chew toy for a pack of dogs. Worse yet, it will stain up any other clothes you are wearing. Attempts to wash it will cause it to teleport far away.


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