Doc Tempest VS The Men Of Steel

…from the May, 1957 issue

The Doclopedia #183

Pop Culture From Other Worlds: Movies

Citizen Kanine

Written, directed and starring young Arfson Wells, this story of newspaper publisher Charles Foster Kanine is widely regarded as being the best American movie ever made.

The Lord Of The Rings

This is, of course, actually three movies that total nearly 12 hours in length. After the incredible success of “The Hobbit” in 1962, the Disney Universal animation department pulled out all the stops on this 14 million dollar non-musical 1969 production.


This incredibly documentary by Ishiro Honda, chronicles the five day long attack on Tokyo and other areas of Japan by the creature known as Gojira. It won all of the major film awards for 1955.

True Grit

Based on the Charles Portis novel, the story of young half elf Mattie Ross and her quest to bring her father’s sorcerous slayers to justice with the aid of U.S. Wizard Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn won 6 Academy Awards, including Best Actor for John Wayne.


One comment on “Doc Tempest VS The Men Of Steel

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Always Faithful!”
    Hit Biopic of legendary baseball player Fidel Castro, his amazing, record breaking career, his charity work and his subsequent career as the man who brought soccer to the Little-leagues

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