My Life Among The Insane Children

…all of whom I am related to by blood

The Doclopedia #197

Smells Like Toon Spirit: The Headless Horse

There are two very important things that you need to know about the ghostly equine known as the Headless Horse: He’s really a very nice fellow and he does have a head.

You see, because he’s a sweet natured horse, he doesn’t want to do really scary things that frighten ordinary folks. On the other hand, he thinks that bad guys need something to fear so they will stay away from his home town area. So, one night, he made just his head invisible. It scared three burglars so bad that ran down to the police station and turned themselves in to Officer O’Lemur. Since then, the Headless Horse has become something of a ghostly crime fighter.

When he’s not putting the fear into crooks, the Headless Horse hangs around in the hills and fields outside of town. He often gives free rides to the local ghosts and he has even been known to help living horses pull heavy wagons.

When al of him is visible, the Headless Horse looks like a very healthy Appaloosa stallion.


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