Naughty Woodchucks Teased My Honeycreepers

…they called them wimps and wussies

The Doclopedia #216

Tiny Folk: Darini Ratslayer

When you’re only 6 inches tall, lots of creatures want to kill you and eat you. Snakes, cats, dogs, rats, spiders, weasels…the list is long. That’s why Darini and her Predator Scouts are there to kill or drive away these hungry creatures first.

The Scouts use swords, bows & poisoned arrows, traps…whatever will get the job done. For rats, they usually set out poison, but sometimes they have to get up close and personal. Dogs and cats can be kept away by certain foul smelling concoctions, but snakes and spiders usually need killing. The worst, most dangerous creature is the weasel. Weasels are terribly fast, very tough and bloodthirsty as hell. Fortunately, weasels are also pretty rare.

Sometimes the Scouts have to drive people away Giant Folk, usually hikers or hunters. They do this by using things like skunk musk, fake rattlesnake sounds and the ever popular “Bigfoot howl”. That last one has the unfortunate side effect of eventually attracting Bigfoot hunters, but Darini and her crew have learned that they can be lured away by a few cleverly crafted “Bigfoot footprints”.

Darini is a muscular woman with red hair and blue eyes. She has many tattoos and usually wears chain mail armor. Her favorite weapon is a two handed sword. Predator Scout legend says that she once singlehandedly killed 10 rats in one day.


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