Hulk Channel Anger Into Creative Energy

…he’s way different since the therapy

The Doclopedia #258

Altered (United) States: New Mexico “The Constant State”

No matter what dimensions you might travel to, if there is a United States of America there, you can be sure that New Mexico is pretty much like every other New Mexico. No matter how strange the rest of the world might get, all New Mexico’s are like all others. Oh, they might be in different technological eras and have differences in population and such, but New Mexico will always be free of the strange stuff.

Is the rest of the world a fantasy world? Not New Mexico! (which is really strange, given that the state nickname is “Land of Enchantment”)

Cowboys roping dinosaurs in Texas? That shit stops on the New Mexican border.

Giant Alien Robots rampaging across the Land of the Free? You’re safe in Albuquerque (or Gallup or Taos or Hatch or Tucumcari or anywhere else in the state)

The New Mexico Constancy Factor, as cross dimensional travelers call it, can be very useful if one wishes to escape from pursuers. It works like this: Sarah is being pursued by an unstoppable robotic killer sent into the past to kill her. Both of them can dimension hop via a stable gateway that Sarah can create, but which stays open for 30 minutes after she creates it. Since the robotic killer is never more than 10 minutes behind her, this doesn’t do her much good…unless she connects a gateway to New Mexico in some other dimension. She goes through it, the killer follows…BUT, the killer appears just across the border in some other state AND he cannot cross the border. If Sarah is really clever, she’ll create a gateway into a fantasy based world, in which case the killer robot either changes into a much easier to outrun/kill golem or it just blinks out of existence.

At which point, Sarah goes out for a beer and some yummy Southwestern food.


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