Tom Waits For No Man

…yes, I’m a very bad boy

The Doclopedia #259

Altered (United) States: New York “Teslafied!”

It’s really simple: The Age of Steam came to a screaming halt when Thomas Edison died of a heart attack and Nikola Tesla took over and ushered in the Age of Electricity with hundreds of inventions, primary among them the Cold Fusion Generator.

By 1920, you’d be hard pressed to find a steam engine anywhere except in the remotest village. The coal industry? Deader than a road kill possum. Petroleum products? Mostly lubricants for fusion powered vehicles and machinery. War? Rare, since Tesla’s Death Rays pretty much meant the first strike was the last strike.

New York State was the center for all of this change, since Tesla lived in New York City and built his various laboratories and factories around the state. He was offered the governorship several times, but always refused. To say that New York (and the rest of the USA) loved Tesla would be the pinnacle of understatement. In a 1935 survey of New Yorkers, Tesla beat out Jesus 3-1 as the person most people would like to meet.

Nikola Tesla died on June 3rd, 1946 during an experiment using computers and a new energy source. He left a third of his wealth (estimated at 15 billion dollars) to the State of New York, where he is buried. The people of the state celebrate Tesla Day every year on his birthday.

The Tesla Corporation is still the largest and most innovative company on earth, with a 1990 (current date) worth of 2.5 trillion dollars.

Fun Fact: The accident that killed Tesla actually transferred his life force into the computers he was using. He has told very few people of this. Even now, his scientists at Tesla Robotics are working on lifelike androids, unaware that Mr. Tesla is planning a comeback as soon as they perfect them.


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