I Left No Tern Unstoned

…afterwards, we all got the munchies and ate the hell outta fish

The Doclopedia #261

Altered (United) States: North Dakota “The Nexus State”

On Earth 77, where Kansas is home to 83 portals connecting various places on Earth, the state of North Dakota is home to 255 nexus points that connect Earth to other worlds. Actually, that’s not quite true just yet, as we’ll explain.

In 1988 a strange opaque dome of energy a mile across and 1,000 feet high at the center popped into being on property owned by Palmer Farms, located just a few miles east of Minot, North Dakota. The energy dome was totally impenetrable by anything known to science, including lasers. The government cordoned off the area and studied the dome. They didn’t learn much.

For two years, the dome just sat there doing nothing but frustrating scientists. Then on May 14, 1990, a voice heard worldwide on all radio and television frequencies said “The dome is now open for viewing and one way passage”. Sure enough, the dome became clear and the outline of a large double doorway sized portal appeared on the southern side.

Inside the dome, it was found that there were four concentric rings of portals measuring about 20′ x 20′ and about 10 inches thick. The central ring held three portals, while the next rings were made up of 12, 48 and 192 of the same sized portals. Thousands of creatures, some looking almost human, most looking like no life form found on Earth, were busily going in and out of portals. None of them even looked towards the gawking humans.

After noting that the portal on the dome had a digital readout saying “3 Humans may pass”, the government set about assembling a team to enter the dome. A week later, they had two Special Forces soldiers and a scientist fully equipped and ready to step through the portal. The two Special Forces guys went through first.

But all of their stuff stayed behind. There they were, on the other side, wearing just their uniforms but without so much as a wallet or ring on them. They immediately tried to come back trough, but couldn’t. In fact, the people on the Earth side couldn’t even hear them, though they could clearly see them.

With a laugh, the scientist stepped through the portal. Like the others, his stuff stayed behind. There were a few minutes of rather animated conversation between the three of them before they noticed a tall and somewhat gelatinous humanoid creature approaching them. Apparently, it spoke to them for several minutes, after which the scientist turned towards the dome and spoke to those on Earthside. Video of what he said was viewed by lip readers who related this…

“We cannot see or hear you from this side. This being is our guide and will be escorting us around a few worlds. We will be allowed to return to this spot to give reports from time to time, but cannot pass back through until we have been sufficiently evaluated. Our guide also requests that you send through another group of three made up of females. More instruction will be forthcoming. We are doing fine so far. Tell our families that we will see them when this is over.”

A few seconds later, the humans and their guide walked over to a portal and stepped through it. They were not seen again for two weeks.

Eventually, 50 teams of 3 went through the portal, with each team being representative of the diversity of the human species, including children and the mentally/physically disabled. Most of them were not citizens of the United States, by specific request of the aliens. Each team stayed two weeks and visited as many as 8 alien worlds. They met hundreds of sentient species, not all of them carbon based oxygen breathers. Every single human that came back from the trip had a totally different outlook on life. All of the disabled people were cured of their disabilities. They spent several weeks being debriefed and several more weeks on the worldwide talk show circuit.

After the 50th group returned, the portal into the dome vanished for several years, but reopened in 2002. Once again, a voice spoke to the world, giving a list of 2,648 people that should come through the gate as soon as possible. Naturally, they did, going through nine days later. The voice then said that these were our envoys and would be trained to guide humans towards eventual candidacy for entering the Pan Galactic Union.

The current year on Earth 77 is 2008 and the people who went through have yet to return, although the Voice gives monthly reassurance that their training is going well. In the mean time, humanity watches and waits.