The Adventures Of Harry Potter, Sparkly Vampire, In Middle Earth: Klingon Terminators Attack!

…somewhere, a fanboy just keeled over dead

Well shit! I’m way behind on Doclopedia posts, so this wekend is gonna be all about catching up again. I’m gonna be very glad when I hit the 365 point, so I can switch to doing just 3 of them per week.

For now though, enjoy this one.

The Doclopedia #262

Altered (United) States: Ohio “The Steam State”

There is nothing really strange or bizarre about the Ohio of Earth 31. No mutants, no monsters, no battles between heroes & villains. What this Ohio does is make steam engines. Lots and lots of steam engines…huge ones, tiny ones, super efficient ones, lightweight ones…if your Infernal Device or Grand Invention runs on steam, odds are that the engine was built in Ohio.

Now, to be sure, other places do have steam engine factories, but not of the huge size or incredible numbers that Ohio has. Cleveland alone has 126 registered steam engine factories, including the newest factory for making steam engines that operate on Hartonium, that incredible compound devised by Professor Alvin Hart of Sandusky.

For more information, write to the Ohio Steam Board at 222 Foundry Road, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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