Unruly Dingoes Upset My Chukars

…so I hit them with a stick

The Doclopedia #334

Unexpected Places: Down River About A Mile…

…, near the big bend, you’ll find Big Bob’s Roadhouse. That place is always jumpin’, what with the river on one side and the highway on the other. Jukebox playin’ all day and live music all night. Big dance floor there if ya feel like cuttin’ a rug and there always seem to be plenty of purty little gals to dance with. Lots to drink, too, includin’ corn liquor if you ask. I hear there’s gamblin’ in the back rooms, but I don’t gamble, so I can’t confirm that.

Now, I’ve gotta warn ya that there’s some shady characters that hang around there, including Big Bob himself. If a fella was one of those shady characters…or maybe, I dunno…a government agent or cop of some sort…he might find out a whole lot by hanging around and buying a few drinks, especially for old Gib Allison. Of course, you never heard that from me, did ya?


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