Lace Panties In The Glove Compartment

…thank goodness it was Dad who found them, not mom.

The Doclopedia #338

Movies Not Of This Earth: Who Drained Rodney Rabbit? (Smutty Putty Films, 1988)

On Earth 95, where Humans and Toons co-exist, there is toon porn, which is both hilariously funny and oddly erotic. The most famous of all this animated smut is Who Drained Rodney Rabbit? It actually starred several big name toon stars and did a whopping $125 million dollars at the box office. Some of the stars involved were…

Rodney Rabbit and his wife, Jennifer, Polly Collie, Buck Stag, Amber Aardvark, Fifi Hippo, Duke Mouse, The Gator Brothers, Candy Cockatoo, Lance Duck, Big Rod Turtle and Misty Lynne Lynx.

The plot, such as it is, finds Rodney waking up in different places after obviously having had sex, but being unable to remember it. He goes to Dr. Hoover (played by Polly Collie), a psychiatrist, who uses her “oral memory recovery” talents to help him remember, which he does in several flashbacks. One of these flashbacks includes the infamous “Mouse/Turtle/Hippo” threesome that got the film banned in 26 countries.

This film is available from on both DVD and Blu-ray. Rated X, naturally.


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