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The Doclopedia #342

Movies Not Of This Earth: Mr. & Mr. Smith (Warner Sisters, 2003)

If you’ve seen the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie picture by this name, you know the plot: assassins meet, fall in love and marry without knowing what each other really do for a living. Comedy and lots of action involving gunfire ensue when they are ordered to whack each other.

On Earth 7, where it’s ok to be gay (mostly because religion has been wasting away since after WWII), this movie starred Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. The script was almost exactly the same, except for a scene in a gay nightclub with some killer (literally) drag queens and another scene in which Brad & Ben get all hot and heavy with each other while also killing dozens of other assassins and shooting two helicopters out of the sky.

The movie made $290 million dollars in the US, but did not spawn any sequels. It did, however, get made into a television series on HBO.

The movie is available for sale from

The Doclopedia #343

Movies Not Of This Earth: Surf Robots (Skynet Studios, 1968)

On Robot Earth 9, the most daring, most dangerous and quite possibly the coolest extreme sport one can participate in is surfing. Why? Water! Salt Water! Metal robots! Get the picture?

Anyway, these daring athletes who risk shorting out or rusting away at an early age fascinated young DirectorBot Scorsese 37/Y, so he spent three years filming and interviewing them. The result is this wonderful film that mixes some of the greatest surfing footage ever with in depth looks into the lives and minds of surfers.

The film won all of the major documentary awards, including the Artoo and launched the long and brilliant career of the DirectorBot.

This film is downloadable from by all robots over the C-15-S classification.

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