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The Doclopedia #355

The Rise Of The…: Replacements

And by replacements, we of course mean a new and better adapted form of hominid who did to Homo sapiens what Homo sapiens did to Neanderthal and all the other hominids they encountered: wiped them out and took their place.

The new species of human first popped up in China about 3,000 BC, in a group of small villages in a remote valley. Since interbreeding among the villagers was common, the mutation got established pretty quickly. At first, they were just healthier and stronger than other people, but after a few generations, they began to realize that they were quite a bit more than that. One night, all of these “new people” left the valley to find a place where they could figure out why they felt so different. It wasn’t until all 128 of them were on the road that they realized the idea had come to each of then separately and they had never verbally discussed it with each other.

After they had found a place to live (in the wilds of western Siberia), the people figured out that they could communicate ideas in their sleep. They also came to the conclusion that if normal humans knew about them, there would be trouble.

So it was that they went out and found mates among the local people, slowly growing their population. Only one child in 6 was a new type human, so it took awhile to get a good sized population bred up. In the mean time, they used their superior intellect to make plans to increase their numbers further…and hide from the normals.

By the time Jesus was allegedly born, there were hundreds of the new race hidden in plain sight among many cultures. They had bred into all ethnic forms and skin colors, but no matter what they looked like, they were always better than normal in all ways. Of course, they hid that, too.

And they could communicate with each other telepathically.

By the time Columbus reached the New World, the Inheritors (for that is what they called themselves now) had a knowledge of science at least a century or two more advanced than the rest of the humans on Earth. By the time the first steam engine chugged to life, they had traveled to the moon. Every “airship” or UFO sighting after about 1880? That was them.

It would make a thrilling story to tell you how the Inheritors wiped Homo sapiens out after years of war or conqured them with superior weapons or just waited until they killed each other off, but that’s not how it went. One day, the Inheritors just used their combined mental powers to mind control all the Homo sapiens into getting themselves and their children sterilized. After that, they just let them live out their lives doing whatever peaceful thing they wanted to do. Sure, the normals didn’t like it, but after a few armies committed suicide, they calmed right down. After another century or so, all the Homo sapiens were gone and the Inheritors, well, inherited the earth…and the rest of the solar system.

Author: Doc Cross

I write things that I think people might enjoy reading, especially if they are roleplayers or just strange.