Doc Tempest VS The Giant Of The North

…from the August, 1958 issue and co-starring Doc Mystery. Master Detective

The Doclopedia #359

The Seven Kingdoms: Brindolhoff

The mighty kingdom of Brindolhoff is the largest of the Seven Kingdoms, being 150 miles from north to south and 700 miles from west to east. It is also the most populous, with 4,000,000 people…a quarter of whom are part of the military and/or police.

Why so many? Because Brindolhoff is charged with protecting the other 6 Kingdoms from the Northern Horde. Brindolhoff receives a nice bit of gold and goods for this service.

Although it is the northmost Kingdom, Brindolhoff is not a cold and rugged place. In fact, it is made up mostly of rolling hills, river valleys and light woods. Most of the Seven Kingdoms grain comes from there, as do all of the best horses and cattle.

The Brinders (as they prefer to be called) are not an overly tall race, with few reaching 6 feet, but they are a muscular and tough bunch. Their army is feared only slightly less than the Undead Legions of Nor-Halat. They prefer fighting from horseback using bows at distance, then axes up close.

Every year, in the capital city of Durgarf, the Brinders hold what amounts to a week of drunken revelry. Twice they’ve nearly burned the entire city to the ground. Those years are very fondly remembered.

The Doclopedia #360

Poultry That Saved The Day: The Duck Who Killed Hitler

In July of 1943, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels got on a plane in Berlin and began flying west to a still unknown destination. At about the two hour mark of the trip, a very large mallard duck crashed through the cockpit window, killing the pilot, mostly blinding the co-pilot with flying glass and then causing the cockpit door to be jammed shut. The plane rolled three times, causing the passengers to be thrown around and seriously injured. The co-pilot, despite his failing vision managed to right the plane, but then passed out from blood loss.

Amazingly, the plane kept flying, though on a slowly descending path. By the time it was spotted by British pilots,who were pretty certain that the demolished cockpit meant it was no longer manned, it was low enough that they could predict that it would crash just a few miles from the British coastline in Suffolk. And sure enough, it did just that, right into a farmer’s pond. The plane sustained minimal damage, but the few badly injured survivors were killed.

Within hours, Churchill himself was the scene. It is said that he welcomed the very much dead Hitler and Goebbels to England. The headlines the next day read “Hitler Comes To England…To Die!” The effect upon the British people (and much of the rest of Europe) was electrifying. The effect on the German people, including the military, was devastating. Soldiers deserted in droves and many industrialists began getting the hell out of the country. In 6 more months, the war in Europe was over.

The body of the duck was given a full royal funeral and he was posthumously awarded the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire and his tomb, on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, reads “Sir Mallard, Savior of Britain and Europe”. To this day, the hunting of mallard ducks is illegal in the United Kingdom and much of Europe.

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