Tales Calculated To Make You Go “EWWWWWW!”

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The Doclopedia #364

Basset Hounds…in Space!: Captain Roscoe

Captain Roscoe T. Dogg, commander of the starship “Fetch!”, is the most famous captain in Dogstarfleet. He has won many battles (both military and diplomatic), discovered many new worlds, made first contact with many new species and had sex with more alien bitches than the next 6 captains combined.

Captain Roscoe is a red and white Basset Hound with rugged good looks and long ears that the females love (and you know what they say about long ears on a male:). He is always in great physical shape and never shies away from a fight. He’s an older dog, but he’s always learning new tricks. Many of these tricks are learned from the above mentioned alien bitches.

His command style is a very effective mix of easy going and demanding of perfection. He works hard and plays hard and expects the same from his crew. He is not a “by the book” kind of dog, which drives his superiors crazy. Still, they always have to admit that his way of doing things is effective. Of course, that’s also why he is the #1 Most Hated Enemy of the Kittycat and Ferret empires.


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