The Not Quite Sad, Yet Not Quite Funny, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Little Girl Who Stole Cars

…co-starring her pet lion fish, Marty

Welcome back to the blog, Gentle Readers. As you no doubt have figured out, my two week break from posting Doclopedia posts..or much of anything else.. was extended a bit. This was partly because of Grace breaking her arm and partly due to us losing our internet access from home for nearly two weeks.

Anyway, I’m back and blogging and new stuff will be popping up both here and on my fiction only blog, Oops, Wrong Planet!, which you’ll find here:

I have set up a schedule for posting the now NOT daily Doclopedia posts, plus other stuff. It looks like this…

I’ll be posting to the Fiction Blog on Tuesday & Thursday.

Doclopedia entries will go up on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Regular blog posts will go up whenever I have something to say.

Weekends, especially Sunday, will probably be pretty sparse on posts.

In addition to the above, a bunch of stuff will start appearing on my website at once my wife/webmistress is no longer a left armed unidexter. Among the things destined for website viewing are revised and expanded versions of all of the DogCon/CatCon reports and everything I posted on the fiction blog before the hiatus.

By the way, if any of you have any suggestions for Doclopedia themes, fiction ideas, general ideas for the blogs or web site, let me know


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