The International Fruit Bat Observer’s Journal

…if, you know, you’re into observing fruit bats

The Doclopedia #367

An Assortment Of Wands: Student Wand

Size: 10 inches

Construction: Oak with an Elven Hair core

Adornments: Student’s name in any of 24 colors

Major Enchantment: Age Appropriate Spells

Minor Enchantment: No Loss

Made for boys and girls age 11 to 16, this wand is a favorite among parents and teachers. It allows for the casting of spells over and over again in practice sessions, yet will not cast those spells that all of us tried to cast at that age. The solid oak construction and finest Elven hair core will take much abuse and allow for handing down from sibling to sibling for years to come. The patented No Loss charm insures that after 2 hours, the wand will reappear in the student’s pocket. Reasonably priced, with discounts for orders of four or more.


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